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Forum released
Hello members,

this is new forum under haxballeu organization, the one who will support haxball teams and make sure more eu teams face each other trough interesting tournament. Another thing this forum will support is lower ranked communities and provide them chance to get some EU matches and get better with other nations (communities).

Forum purpose is mainly to organize 2nd most popular competition in haxball for haxball teams in order to give lower ranked / skilled teams chance to play EU matches. Forum is connected with Haxball Champions League - cl.haxballeu.com and will connect those two competitions in later described way.

This forum opens the door to any community who is providing healthy and competitive 4vs4 3-def league for eu teams. Each community has to sign up into EHL database so admins can make easy plans for any up-coming competition organized. Europa Haxball League will try to get closest possible to real Europa League now and therefore give you true experience like real deal. Please do not try to sign up fake communities and give us not needed issues, we are monitoring each community who may participate EHL and who deserve it and we are more than capable to figure out if you are valid one or no.

Please behave on forum, do not provoke, troll or insult anyone. Any kind of those will be suspended immediately.
Enjoy the forum,
EHL Admin team.

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