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EHL #6 General Information
Hello people, its time to start!

After we closed check-in a bit later then it was time, we are proud to announce that we have 9 communities participating in EHL edition #6. Total number of 16 teams will participate in EHL edition #6 split in group stage.

All matchdays will be played each Thursday at 20 CET. Deadline for matches will be following Tuesday at 23:59 CET

EHL Ranking
Based on global EHL Ranking valid from Edition #5 to another seasons we created Edition #6 Ranking filled with Community and Teams Ranking. All rating will be announced on stream section when draw time.

I'm the Head Admin, If someone have problem about EHL please contact with me on discord or TS3.

All other info will be given soon in different topics.
Good luck to all teams!

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