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[Semifinal] Royal vs Dark Raven
Sorry, must wildcard for today, can't play at 20:00. We will talk on discord about new date.
I tried to suggest 22:30 tonight but DR did late notice about the game and one of my first squad players made another plans and we had to delay it. Hope you understand main goal is to play with best possible squads and since its weekend nobody is willing to stay for unconfirmed game.

Nevermind, we offer:

Sunday 20:00
Monday 22:30
Tuesday 21:30

If u can play at any of those times, just confirm in advance on time so we can prepare and play in best possible conditions. If you cant, just suggest a new time and we will discuss.

And i want to apologize to all Dark Raven players for possible problems.
Thanks for understanding, cya
We play today 22:00 CEST!
22:00 today.
Wildcard accepted and counted for ROYAL !

Match must be played and reported until Tuesday, 26.05 at 20:59 CET.
Match played and reported.

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