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EHL #5 Final stage Information
Hello people, we finally came to top part of Europa Haxball League #5, the knock out (final) stage.

After some recent events happened in Haxball Champions League #20 where some teams disbanded and quit their participation in Haxball EU competitions, we need to small changes in our system for Final stage and we will try to explain it here.

EHL System changes
x Group Play-Off
In Group Play-Off, scheduled for 30.04 at 20 CEST, we will stay with same format 2nd vs 3rd placed in groups but with exception since in group D we dont have 3 teams, last team will be replaced with one team left as 3rd placed in HCL #20 SILVER groups and its FEAR.

x Play-Off
In Play-Off scheduled for 07.05 at 20 CEST, we will have only EHL teams, (without joins from SILVER HCL). That means two pots, one from first placed from each EHL group and another made of 4 GPO winners (look above).

x Quarterfinals
In Quarterfinals scheduled for 14.05 at 20 CEST, teams who lost SILVER Play-Off in HCL 20 join and play against 4 remaining EHL teams. To provide more chance for EHL teams, we won't do any draw rules here what means anyone can play vs anyone!

Final stage matches
Final stage matches remain on Thursdays at 20 CEST (See schedule HERE). Each matchday HBC Network will stream one game at 20:30 CEST so admins will chose it and announce individually.

All participants are written above in System changes. We gave one HCL lower ranked team a chance to continue their EU matches in EHL since we sadly dont have any GOLD HCL teams.

Final stage format
It is also explained above in system changes. Every match is knock-out and will result with one eliminated team.

All matches should be played on VPS hosts, 2x10 minutes with using 3def rule and kicklimiter. Check full rulebook before each match. Wildcards must be used at least 1 hour before match. See full rulebook HERE.

Will be explained in post below.

I think this is pretty much everything for now.
Good luck to all teams!
Transfer rules

As we announced, we will open transfer section after group-stage. Since many teams have line-up problems and a lot of them asked us to make transfer, we decided to make it after all group matches are finished and before primary play-off round. It is earlier then expected, but we want to help the teams.

Transfer periods
x For teams who start in First Play-Off round (Scheduled 30.04 at 20 CEST) are opened from 29.04 at 12 CEST until 30.04 at 19 CEST! (Teams who finished 2nd or 3rd in each EHL #5 group and FEAR)
x For teams who start in Second Play-Off round (Scheduled 07.05 at 20 CEST) are opened from 29.04 at 12 CEST until 06.05 at 23:59 CEST! (Teams who finished 1st in each EHL #5 group)
x For teams who start in Quarterfinals (Scheduled 14.05 at 20 CEST) are opened from 07.05 at 12 CEST until 13.05 at 23:59 CEST! (Teams who join as HCL #20 SILVER Play-Off losers)

Transfer limitations
Each of teams above can add max 2 players in their lineup. For teams who join from HCL is same rule where initial lineup is used only confirmed players on HCL forum.

Available players
All players who are not banned in HCL / EHL and players who did not play HCL / EHL group stage are available to join. If someone player (no matter of disband or no), he isn't able to join any EHL team.

That is all for now, for more information please ask admin DYNASTY.
4 Teams joined from HCL to start in Quarterfinal stage!

x WANTED (Feed Me)
x No Mercy (HBPT)
x Anal Painal (HBPT)
x Royal (CRO N1 Liga)

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