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EHL #5 Disbanded Teams
Hello, in this topic we will write all disbanded teams from EHL #5 tournament.
Community penalties will be given after community is fully out from the competition.
Akatsuki (CRO TOP) disbanded!

In EHL #5 Group-stage, Akatsuki decided to try to fool us and fake a player in official match against Guardians. 

Team is permanently banned from any Haxball EU competition, same as @Neat receive 1 season ban (for EHL #5).
Last Legion (FRHaxball) disbanded!

After they ran out of players (only 5 left in team) we decided to follow the rules and disband them from EHL #5. Captain @"Even*" is unable to manage any team in EHL #6. Since team is disbanded, all their results will be validated as 3-0 Defwin for the opponent. Also according to LL's players, Even use fake players in the third match.

Quote:7.6 Each team must have at least 6 added players (5 confirmed) and maximum 10 confirmed players in line-up.

Quote:7.10 In case team is disbanded from EHL, all their results will be validated as 3-0 Defwin for opponent, regardless of time team is disbanded from the competition. If team archive 2 def-loss games in group-stage or 1 def-loss in knock-out stage of EHL tournament, it will be disbanded from the competition. If team is disbanded from EHL, all players who confirmed before the time of disband are blocked for running tournament.
Flyteams (HaxCommunity) disbanded!


Captain restriction for 1 season.
Decided to leave his team captain during the team campaign in EHL. He obviously can't play in EHL #6 and Captain any team in EHL #6.

Quote:9.12 In case of team disband, captain (and in some cases co-captain) will be restricted with captain suspension in following HCL / EHL edition. If admin team consider penalty isn't big enough, he can be restricted for 2 editions / permanent captain prohibiion or possible total ban.

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