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Qualification 1
Thursday, 26.03.2020

Default match time: 20:00 CET

(HL) Red Action vs Last Legion (FRH)
(GE) Magic Crew vs ITIFAY (BG)
(BG) San Lorenzo vs Palmeiras (HC)


Latest match time: Tuesday, 31.03.2020, 23:59 CET

Please report your match by using this code:
Replay file:
Additional info:

1) All matches are played 2x10 mins.
2) Left spelled team start RED and right spelled team start BLUE (half time switch sides).
3) Only players who confirmed before the Official scheduled time can play the Official match.

4) Wildcard deadline for all matches is 19 CET.
Magic Crew (GE) vs ITIFAY (BG) 

Defwin for Magic Crew

Reason: ITIFAY didn't add line-up on time and therefore they are disbanded from EHL #5! Magic Crew did everything as planned.

San Lorenzo (BG) vs Palmeiras (HC)

Defwin for San Lorenzo

Reason: Palmeiras didn't add line-up on time and therefore they are disbanded from EHL #5! San Lorenzo did everything as planned.
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Match: (HL) Red Action vs Last Legion (FRH)

Result: First Half - (HL) Red Action 0-2 Last Legion (FRH) / second half 1-1

Replay file: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pC-KNye8-Q

Line-ups: Red Action - Dèlle / Godz / orenball / Enigma
Last Legion - Camino / Even / ReA / Antonì

Additional info: fisrt half - autogol Dèlle - Antonì (ReA)
second half - orenball (Godz) - ReA (Even)

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