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How to add Line-ups ?!
In this topic we will explain all captains how to add lineups:
1. Line-ups can be added only by captains. In special cases we can allow Co-Captains to add, but Captain will have to confirm his participation anyway.
2. Each line-up must have min 5 and max 10 players added.
3. All players must be added in league line-up.
4. Please add league line-up thread so we can control 3).
5. In adding team please use haxballeu flags ("https://haxballeu.com/flags/eu.png" - example).
6. Add all player nationalities and possible co-captains.
7. Please use transparent logo, perferably 150x150!
8. Dont use center function!
For any questions, feel free to ask us here.

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